Bed Tillers

Standen Powervator

Standen Powervator

Model 400/240

Year 2008

New Blades

New PTO Guards

Very Little Wear on Rotors

Convex Bodies or Packer Rollers

Originally supplied as a rotovator but is available to work on the flat or in ridges, whichever you prefer.


Standen 400/200 Powervator Discs

Standen 400/200 Powervator

Set of Front Feed In Discs

As New Condition

Removed From a 2022 Machine


Net Price

Standen 150/70

Standen 150/70

Year 2013

Bladed Rotor

Reekie 'Duckfoot' Ridging Bodies

Just Come Back From 60 Acres of Hire