Structural Planter

Structural Planter

Year 1999

Serial No 999037

34" Rows

72" Wheels

Variator Control

Reekie Ridging Hood (added later)

Mechanically Good, New Plastic Trays Fitted, Sponge Rollers Good, Usual Belts Come Apart And Need Re-gluing

Cosmetically Good


Structural PM20V

Structural PM20V

Year 2004

34" Rows 72" Wheels

Serial No 403028

Machine Number 240170

Hydraulic Hood

Auto Tip Hopper

IR Sensor On Rear Gate

Hopper Ext

Cosmetically Tidy

Mechanically Good (needs some belts re-gluing


Reekie RMP-2

Reekie RMP-2

Year 1997

45mm Heavy Duty Axle

7.50x16 Wheel Equipment

Deep Openers

Hoekstra Ridging Hood (set at 34" Rows 68-72" Wheels)

A really nice tidy planter cosmetically good and mechanically very tidy, has been on the same farm from new, done about 60 acres a year.