Reekie Dominant Picking Table

Reekie Dominant Picking Table

4 Man


Elevator Brackets


Reekie 3170M4

Reekie 3170M4

Year 2002

Non Wheel Drive

34" Centre Share

1/2 Diablos

36mm Main Web

36mm Second Web

3.5" Rollers

Twin Diablo Sensing

Web Clutch

Hydraulic Haulm and Cleanflow Rollers

Electric Second Web Agitation

4 Man Picking Table

Lightweight Mesh Elevator 1000mm Wide

Mechanically and Cosmetically Very Good

Ex Shropshire

Grimme DL1500 Windrower Conversion

Grimme DL1500 Windrower Conversion

This is part of an ongoing project to convert Grimme DL1500s into a lightweight compact windrower.

A complete new rear frame is manufactured with a modified conveyor allowing lowering of the end sections to keep damage to a minimum.

The conveyor will discharge to both sides and is adjustable for speed

The axle is modified to run within the wheel track whilst still allowing the machine to level.

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Reekie wheel drive override box

Reekie Wheel Drive Override Box

Replacing Reekie sensing pin and circuit boards with a simpler manual forward and reverse switch

Complete with wiring long, pre-wired box and fitting instructions