Grimme KSA 75-2

Grimme KSA75-2

Year 2006

34" Row flails (good condition)

Cross conveyor (good order)

Cosmetically average.

Mechanically good.


Reekie 1900SD Topper

Reekie (Baselier) 1900SD Topper

Year 2001

Bed flails

Side conveyor

Front or rear mounting

A Tidy Straight Topper


Standen FM Topper

Standen FM Topper

Year 2016

Row flails

Cross conveyor

Front mounting

Immaculate Condition


Grimme KS5400

Grimme KS5400

Year 2012

34" Rows

Fixed Shearbar

Front Mounted

Hydraulic Outer Wheels

End Tow Kit

Road Lights

Selling on behalf of customer


Grimme KS3600

Grimme KS3600

Year 2000

34" Row Flails (60% good)

72" Wheels

End Tow Kit

Currently set for front mounting but will convert easily to rear.

Mechanically Good

Cosmetically Straight (new end guards, remaining paintwork faded, no stone damage.)


Baselier LKB190

Baselier LKB190

Brand New (shopsoiled only)

Year 2020

34" Row Flails

Front or Rear Mounting

One Only